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Sunday, 6 January 2013

DMO Frameworks is Official(ish).....

Hello there - I hope everyone had splendid Christmas and New Years celebrations - I know I did!

As a result of the festivities frame production slowed somewhat, however one cool thing to occur just before Christmas was the launch of the 2013 Bespoked Bristol website - on which DMO frameworks features!!!

Please check out the following link to find out more....


This weekend I have been shaping the final two tubes - namely the seat and chainstay bridges.

I had thought this would be a relatively simple process however, as with so many aspects of making my first frame, this turned into a day of highs a lows.

The frame was all tacked up on the jig and then free air brazed using my bike work stand. Having made various steel monocoque chassis for cars (admittedly not out of tube so thin) I was aware of the capacity for structures to 'move' during joining however I had not expected the rear triangle to distort as much as it apparently had.

Looking back at the jig it turns out that the dropouts, although aligned well to one another, might not have been perfectly aligned to the front triangle. I think this error has crept in through me using wood for the main structure of the jig - which simply wasn't stiff enough to resist the loads applied to it during.

Anyway, enough of all that - please see the images below for today's progress - this week I will be adding the bottle bosses, the cable guides and doing any final fettling ready to send the frame off to paint next Monday.

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