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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wildcat Framebag Spyshot......

As some of you guys will already know, for the Bespoked show in April DMO Frameworks has teamed up with the bespoke bike frame bag manufacturers Wildcat Gear to get a set of custom frame bags made for the Element 29er frame.

Having sent off a template and some badges I was very pleased to receive an email from Beth of Wildcat with a spy shot attached of my framebag mid construction - see pic below.

The reason this picture was sent to me was to get confirmation of the badge locations - you'll notice my bag has been taped to the dining room wall at the correct angle at which it will sit on the bike - attention to detail typical of the guys at Wildcat Gear.

Anywho - for more information please check out the full range of bags at http://wildcatgear.co.uk/.

1 comment:

  1. Aha! Love the Cycling Proficiency badge. I found mine about 3 weeks ago and I think I'll do the same thing when I get around to making/buying a tiny frame bag.