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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The final injury (hopefully) - and the frame is done!!

So this weekend I added the finishing touches to the frame - but not before managing to set the workshop on fire!!!

There I was happilly brazing away when I thought I heard something drop on the floor behind me - I turned around - and nothing. So I continued to braze away.

Then I felt something drip on my back, and seeing as it was raining and the workshop roof isnt the most leakproof of roofs I thought nothing more of it - braze away I did.

Then finally stuff started to drip on my head, so I looked up and to my amazement an old tarpaulin was a blaze in the roof space and the dripping was molten plastic dripping on me!! Now the injury - unfortunately when I looked up to see where all the drips were coming from I got one right on the nose!!!

It turns out that I must have waved the acetylene torch a bit too close to the sheeting and set it alight!

Anywho - enough of all that - onto the exciting bit - I shipped the frame to Brian Rourke cycles this afternoon - result!!

Hopefully, in a little over three weeks time I will receive the painted frame back and be able to build the bike up.

In the meantime I have some prep to do for my stand at the Bespoked show and the headbadge to finish off.

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