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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

DMO Developments.....

So while the frame has been off with Brian Rourke Cycles for painting there have been various other developments with other aspects of the frame and custom bags.

First up I finally managed to build some tooling to accurately form the headbadges around. You'll notice that the letters dmo have been cut into the stainless steel sheet - this was done for me by Simon at Blade Engineering in Chippenham (http://www.blade-engineering.co.uk/blade-engineering.co.uk/HOME.html).

Couldn't resist getting the "Made In England" in the shot too - from the side of my great grandads vice no less!!
Next up I got the sliding dropouts back from hard anodising, I really like the look of these (which I think will look good on the graphite grey frame) plus hopefully they will not gall up over time where the quick release nuts locate.

Finally, and quite possibly most excitingly, Beth from wildcat bags sent me the picture below of my finished frame bag - I think this is going to look ace on the frame at the show - check out Wildcat at - http://wildcatgear.co.uk/.

You'll notice I sent some badges to Beth to be sewn onto the bag - one is the Mountain Bothy Association (http://www.mountainbothies.org.uk/) and the other is my original cycle proficiency badge (I think from when I was 10 years old!!!!).

I am hoping to receive the painted frame back by the 22nd of Feb, in the meantime I am knocking up some prototype swept back handlebars.