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Saturday, 1 December 2012

BB thread tapped, final fit check done, frame fully brazed and logo released.....

Hello there,

well today saw me mainly trying to stay warm in the shed - what more of an excuse does anyone need to bust out the oxyacetylene and braze up a bike frame!!

However the first job to do was to tap the BB shell. The shell actually came threaded but during brazing various things get into the thread, such as hardened flux and bits of braze so its necessary to "chase" the thread out.

In actual fact it took more than a bit of chasing -  I ended up removing quite a bit of material. This was a bit worrying at first but regular checks during the process showed that all was good. So now, thanks to Mr Smith, I have a nice smooth BB thread - cheers buddy!

So I then installed the BB and cranks to check that everything fitted, ran smoothly and most importantly cleared all of the tubes - see pics below:
BB Installed - Mmmmm fillet brazed goodness
Crank to right hand chainstay clearance
Finally I have completed the DMO logo (see below) this is currently with Blade Engineering in Chippenham being water jet cut out for me in various thickness of stainless. This will then be affixed (brazed, glued, magic'd) onto the headtube.

So tomorrow should see the frame fully fettled, the chainstay stiffening tube added and the various braze ons, er brazed on.

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