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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The first two dots have been joined......

As described in my last post, the next step was to start joining all of the various "hardpoints" of the frame together with the tubing.

I still need to finalise the seat-tube, as such this one wasn't an option to shape, so instead I started work on the downtube, see pic below:

Downtube Done

Mitre to headtube - this one took 53 minutes, next time I think I'll do the hard mitre first and then the easy one.

Mitre to bottom bracket shell - the easy one!
One thing that sprang to mind while shaping the downtube is that before I braze it in place I will measure the length and maybe trace the mitres so that it will take me a fraction of the time to shape this tube on frame number two.

This did make me think that, should I wish to start making frames more regularly, some kind of automatic mitre-ing device would come in very handy indeed!

Next up I need to finalise the seatube and get hold of it so I can cut in the top tube.

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  1. I can't believe you didn't get me in to shape those tubes!