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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Frame Jig Complete

A late night last Friday combined wiht a very late night last night has resulted in the frame jig being completed - see picture below.

Here we have (from the bottom clockwise) the seat-tube locator, the bottom bracket shell mount, the headtube mount and the drop-out mount.

Close up view of the drop-out mount.

Close up view of the headtube tooling.
Next up was to accurately mount this lot onto the jig back-board. In order to do this I printed out a 1:1 scale plot of the frame and the tooling.

I set the centre of the bottom bracket and this formed the datum for the location of all of the other aspects of the frame.

Next was to set the sliding drop-outs to horiontal and the rest was easy!

Marking Out
Mounted Tooling
Next up is to start joining the dots!!!

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