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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The jig MK2 - up and running.......

It's taken a few weeks but having designed and manufactured the components for my MK2 bike frame jig I finally got around to assembling it and trying out setting it up.

All the parts went together pretty well however I think I'm going to have to do a bit better with the mounting to the bench - I can see me knocking up a bespoke floor standing structure which I can bolt down to the workshop floor.

The Mk2 Jig in all of its glory!
The headtube mount
The bottom bracket mount, pictured below, is the datum for the whole jig - everything pivots around this point.

The bottom bracket mount
Seat-tube Jig
Chainstay and dropout jig
All in all the jig took me about 20 hours to make and cost me about £100 - it should tide me over until I can afford to buy a proper one - and will certainly be a whole lot better than the 'expanding' wooden one I used for my first frame.

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