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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day 3 - it's starting to feel a bit like ground hog day....

The plan for today was to braze up the main triangle and bend the seat and chainstays.

If there is nothing I've learnt since building my own frame its that there is a heck of lot of learning to be done!! I've lost count of the amount of situations where I've had to think about 5 steps ahead tyring to not make a mistake or the amount of things I've done, got wrong, done again and possibly even got wrong a second time!

Anyway I digress, today I continued to braze up the front triangle but I ran out of brazing rod - so I bent the stays - see pic below.

Shaping the stays really has made the frame feel like its getting there - tomorrow will hopefully see me finish off the front triangle and pop into Johns Bikes Bath to get the BB shell thread cleaned up. 

Once I have got the BB shell thread cleaned up I can install the BB and cranks and make sure everything lines up (and clears) before I get too carried away with brazing up the whole frame.

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