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Sunday, 24 June 2012

This is DMO Frameworks

DMO Frameworks is a frame building workshop based in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

DMO stands for 'Dennis Michael Oliver', Dennis is my Granddad (a retired fabricator and sheet metal worker from Jaguar), Michael is my Dad (a retired engineer from BMW) and Oliver is me (a Mechanical engineer).

My first frame (currently under construction) is aimed at Bike Packing mountain bikers. In a nutshell Bike Packing entails strapping all your kit onto a bike for one, two or more nights out in the wilderness!

The frame itself combines various grades and thicknesses of off the shelf and custom steel tubing to make a frame which is light, stiff where it needs to be and importantly compliant enough for comfortable multiday riding.

When taking part in multiday Bike Packing events exciting singletrack can be few and far between - it is for this reason that a frame which makes the most of these infrequent highlights should hopefully serve to make Bike Packing that much more enjoyable - that is the aim of the DMO Element.
In the coming weeks (and hopefully not too many months) I will chart the progress of my first frame here on my blog - hope you like it!!



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